Shipping and Delivery

  • We ship worldwide.
  • All deliveries are registered and trackable.
  • Everything you see online is in stock and ready for speedy delivery.
  • Once you place the order - all goods are reserved for you.
  • Order collection and preparation for shipping take only 1-5 working days.
  • Our team has the highest level of skills in quick order picking, packing, and handling packages.
  • We ship all orders from our office located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Lithuania is a country in European Union.



  • Add the items you want to the shopping cart
  • Go to the checkout page
  • Choose the delivery country
  • Enter your postcode (zipcode)
  • See available delivery options with delivery time and price written next to them.
    We guarantee the accuracy of the delivery times written!

    Please note that shipping fees vary according to the total weight of the shipment, the box's size, and the delivery address. The delivery price might be different within one country, as some locations are considered "out of delivery zone" rural locations, difficult to reach for the courier.


Customers can choose between UPS or FedEx economy and express courier delivery, National Post Office delivery, Omniva parcel boxes, and self-pickup at our office.  If we offer more delivery options - they will be available at checkout.


Please note the high volume of shipments worldwide during the holidays, and COVID 19 restrictions may cause delivery delays. Express deliveries may delay up to 3 days, standard courier delivery up to 10 days, Post delivery up to 20 days.

More information on current holiday delivery can be found here.


Make sure the delivery country at the top of the page is chosen correctly.
Check the shipping options, delivery time, and price on the product page by picking the size you want and pressing the "Delivery Info" tab.


  • We have everything in stock, and once you place the order, all goods in your order are reserved for you.
  • We generally prepare the order within 1-2 days after receiving your payment and immediately ship via the courier you chose at checkout.
  • During sales and holidays, order preparation may take up to 5 working days.
  • Suppose you choose UPS Express or FedEx Express delivery (not the Economy or Standard options, but the Express option) on checkout. In that case, we will prepare and ship the order within 1-2 working days after receiving your payment.


Delivery times are written on checkout next to the available delivery options and are accurate.

    1-2 days Eastern/Central/Northern EU
    2-4 days rest of EU
    3-5 days USA, UK, & rest of the world
  • FedEx usually takes 3 to 14 days (depending on location and weather conditions)
    3-5 days in Lithuania
    7-14 days in EU, Norway & Switzerland
    12-40 days rest of Europe
    12-60 days USA, UK, & rest of the world
    1 to 5 days in Lithuania
    2 to 6 days in Latvia & Estonia
  • Fantasmagoria office same day, pickup available during weekdays from 14:00 until 18:00.

Please note, 1 (one) day means 1 (one) workday (e.g. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri), except holidays.


  • UPS & FedEx courier delivery is only possible during weekdays (Monday-Friday or Sunday-Thursday, depending on the country) and working hours, usually from 8 AM until 5 PM (17:00)*
  • If choosing delivery to the Post Office - please check your local Post Office's working hours.
  • Most Parcel boxes are open 24/7

*If you are not home during delivery hours and there are no courier drop-off access points in your town, we recommend ordering delivery to your work address.


QUESTION: How quickly will I receive my order?
ANSWER: The choice is yours! Depending on your country, you can receive your order in 1-5 days if you choose Express courier delivery or in 10-60 days if you choose post office delivery.

We always recommend choosing a courier, as delivery times by post are unpredictable and shipments by post are not fully trackable.
If you are local or visiting Vilnius, you can pick up your order the same working day!



To receive your order within 1-3 working days in the EU or within 3-5 working days outside the EU (US, UK, Mexico, Australia), please always choose Express delivery by UPS or, if you are in Vilnius, come pick up your order same day.

QUESTION: It is an urgent order, and I need it tomorrow, or at least within a few days! Is this possible?
ANSWER: It is possible because we have everything in stock and ready to ship your express order right away! Please choose UPS Express, pay for your order and call or message us on chat so that we will prioritize your shipment.



Check your email for this info or login to your account, open the order page: check the current status of your order & press the "order details" to see the tracking number.


Deliveries by UPS, DHL, FedEx, Omniva, and LP Express are always fully trackable.
If you choose courier or parcel box delivery, you can start tracking the following day after receiving our email confirming your order's shipment.


Deliveries by post are not fully trackable. Depending on your post office system, postal deliveries might not be trackable.

If you choose post office delivery, start tracking:
- the next day for deliveries in Lithuania.
- in about 5 to 10 days if you live in the EU.
- in 12 to 30 days if you live in the USA, UK, or another country outside the EU.


Check the link sent to your email or track it at the shipper's website.



Post or at your country's Post Office website




If you checked out as a guest, you could check your order status at this link. Enter your order number and the email you used to place the order.
Did you know? You can transfer your guest account to the customer account through the guest tracking link.



  • Please always track your delivery at the tracking link provided and be at the address on the day of delivery.
  • Check your mailbox (or your entrance door) for a parcel or a note from the courier
  • Check your email for the delivery notification
  • Check your phone for an SMS from a courier (not always applicable)



We always send registered parcels by priority post. However, post is often not fully trackable, and their deliveries are often delayed, even within Europe. Delays happen because of traffic disruptions due to COVID, National Holidays, Brexit, bad weather conditions, or political situations. All these disruptions happen less to a courier company, so if you are in a hurry- consider selecting a courier delivery on checkout.
Parcels shipped by post will show the shipping date when tracked at the Lithuanian post page (the link you'll receive by email), then it might be several weeks of silence, and then your local post office tracking page will show that your parcel has arrived at the destination country.
Or... you might be a lucky one and receive the order we sent by post within a week or two. Shipping by post sometimes feels like a lottery, so we always advise selecting couriers on checkout.



To receive the order to your address, please choose courier delivery.

In some countries, Postal couriers deliver parcels to your address. But in most cases, if you choose delivery by post, you will have to pick up the package from your nearest Post Office.
It is not only country-specific but also region-specific, so we can't tell you whether your order shipped by post will be delivered to your home or to your district's Post Office.

Please note that if you are not available at the address at the time of delivery, couriers will leave your order for pickup at the nearest Assess Point (pickup location). It can be a Post Office, a Kiosk, or a Small Shop. Please always follow the tracking link and check the notifications; also, keep an eye on your email and SMS messages.

If you are not available during the delivery, please make sure you are able to pick up the order from the Courier Company's Access Point within a given amount of time (usually less than five days)



  • When filling in your name and address, PLEASE ALWAYS USE LATIN CHARACTERS ONLY.
  • Please do not use the Cyrillic alphabet, Lithuanian letters such as "š ž ą," Scandinavian languages letters æ å and so on.
  • Dear Portuguese & Spanish customers, do not use the "º" character. Write "floor" instead.
  • Dear Germans, please write Strasse instead of Straße.
  • If it is necessary to write your address in your language and special characters, please always write it as a comment to your order or email us after you place the order (write your order number and your name, and your address in your country's language).
  • Dear customers from Russia, we recommend you always write your address in Russian (Cyrillic alphabet) in the comment field (or send it by email after you place the order). If you have any questions - contact us (we speak Russian!).



Free shipping choice is only available during promotions & when a minimum order amount is met or as a special offer. The minimum may vary depending on the delivery destination. Free shipping is often only available within EU countries.

  • Please note if the "Free Shipping" coupon is used, but any ordered goods are returned, we will deduct all shipping expenses from the refund amount.
  • If the "Free Shipping" promotion is available, it is only possible to use it with standard or economy couriers and post office delivery.
  • Next-day or Speedy Express delivery is unavailable as a "Free Shipping" promotion. Please do not use the "Free Shipping" promo code if you wish to order Express delivery.
  • When a free shipping promotion is used, we reserve the right to change the courier chosen by the customer. Therefore, the delivery time and courier may vary. For example, we might switch from Post to UPS courier or from FedEx to DHL, etc.
  • The delivery time stated on checkout is not guaranteed for the "Free Shipping" option. Your order might be delivered 5 to 14 days later or a few days earlier than stated during the checkout.
  • When selecting a "Free Shipping" option, please ensure you are available at the delivery address during the next two months.
  • If the order sent as free shipping is not picked up or refused by a customer, and the order returns to us, the initial and return shipping fee plus the 20 EUR return fee is deducted from the refund. The same fee has to be paid by a customer if a customer wants us to resend an unclaimed parcel again.
  • For size exchange of an item sent with a "Free Shipping" order, standard conditions apply. Please see the "size exchange" help section.
  • The "Free Shipping" offer might be only available as a shipping option for registered & logged-in users and unavailable for guest checkout. 
  • We might revise the "Free Shipping" policy and reserve the right to cancel it or raise the minimum order amounts at any time.
  • The latest information about free delivery promotions can be found on the discounts page.




Q: I live in the EU. Can I expect quick delivery, and do I have to pay any taxes or customs duties?
A: Great, we are also based in the EU! And yes, you can expect rapid delivery by couriers! Because we ship from the EU country, you won't need to pay any taxes, and customs will never stop or inspect your packages delivered by us. Ordering from us is a worry-free experience, and we'll deliver faster than your local store! ;)


Q: I live in the United States / UK / Switzerland / Norway / Australia / Russia / another country outside the European Union. Do I have to pay taxes and customs fees on the arrival of my order?

A: Well, most likely yes, but only if your order is over a certain amount, which is determined by your country's tax & customs office.
On the bright side, you shop tax-free with us! Once you choose the delivery country outside the EU, all the prices are TAX-free, and you pay 21% less than our European customers. According to our customers outside the EU, any taxes they pay are always less than that!
The minimum taxable/billable order amount is relatively high in the US, Russia, and Australia. But don't just take our word for that - do your research as the customer is the one who's responsible for all the duties and taxes.
Please note, that you don't pay any taxes or customs duties to us, so if your local customs office or courier (UPS, DHL, FedEx, or Post) will ask you to pay duties - it is obligatory.
To find out about possible taxes and duties, please call your country's customs info-line, search online or simply, start with a small order from us and see how it goes with the customs.

More information on taxes can be found here.


Q: I got an SMS / email from delivery couriers telling me I have to pay a certain fee before delivering my order; what do I do?
A: First of all, please make sure you got the real message from the real shipper, and that the order is from Fantasmagoria, and that they include your order number. The sender of the message must provide this information. If it is not provided - don't hesitate to contact them and ask for details or contact us right away. If all the info is provided, pay the duties, receive your order, and have a happy day!


Q: Do you ship to my country?
A: Yes, we do! We ship to over 75 countries worldwide. Check the drop-down list at the top of the page or on checkout. If your country is not on the list - message us on the live chat, and we'll add it!


Q: My order (sent by Post) is stuck "leaving the country" for nearly two weeks now and tracking hasn't been updated. How long should it take to deliver?
A: As you can read in the delivery terms, orders sent by Post are not fully trackable. On the tracking page, you will often only see when the parcel was shipped, then the date on when the parcel is at your post office.
The delivery time is written on the checkout page of our store. When choosing delivery by Post, you can see the minimum and maximum delivery time. For example, "14-60 days" means that it may arrive in 2 weeks, but it may also take up to 60 days to arrive.
Unfortunately, delivery by Post is unpredictable nowadays and may delay due to many reasons that do not depend on us.
Should you wish to have a fully trackable, quick delivery, please choose courier delivery.


Q: Can you ship to PO Box?
A: Sorry, delivery to PO Boxes is not possible. Please choose your home or work address for the delivery.


Q: I just moved to another address, but my order has not arrived yet. How can I receive my order?
A1: If your order is sent by courier service, please open the tracking link and see the available options for delivery to a different address. Change the delivery address online or call the courier service and ask them to change the address for you. Courier service phone numbers will be available on the tracking link page. If none of the above worked, send us an email with your order number, full name, contact phone number, and your new address (street, house & apt number, postcode, city, country), and we will ask couriers to send your order to your new address. Please note that this is only possible if your new address is within the same country.
A2: If your order is sent by post, please talk to the people moving into your old address to keep your parcel. Also, go to the nearest post office and ask if they can keep the parcel for you to pick it up at the post once it arrives.


Q: What if I entered my shipping information incorrectly or it's missing information?
A: We ship all orders to the exact address provided by the customer. If you notice a mistake with your shipping address, you must notify us immediately. We are not liable for the loss of your package if the address is incorrect or incomplete. Please double-check your order confirmation email for mistakes.
To correct your address please email us at [email protected] and send a message over chat. Include your order number and the corrections you would like to apply.


Q: I live in the UK and my order was sent a few weeks ago by Post. Why have I did not receive it yet?
A: Sorry about the delay. Delivery to the UK delays because of Brexit & Covid traffic disruptions, because of busy UK customs and a general overload of the UK post offices. This is beyond our control. That is why you can see on checkout "14-60 days". When you choose delivery by "UK Royal Mail - Post GB", you agree to wait up to 60 days for the order to be delivered to you. Usually, it arrives in less than a month, but during holidays, lockdowns, and sales it may take a few weeks extra.
Please be patient and wait for your order to arrive, and check the tracking at the Royal Mail website once a week.
Should you wish to receive orders faster, please always choose courier delivery.

We don't deliver to Russia and Belarus.

Contact us before placing any order shipped to Ukraine. We are sorry, but delivery to Ukraine is rather complicated right now. Should you wish to place the order with delivery to Ukraine, please note that we can only ship by DHL or Post.

For more information, please refer to our sales terms and conditions & the RETURN POLICY.

Are you missing some info? Need help with your return? Have questions about the delivery? Chat with us or email us - we'd be happy to help you!



Thank you for shopping at Fantasmagoria!

Kind regards,


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Phone: +37064866613
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