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>200 € -5% code: RETAIL200

>300 € -10% code: RETAIL300

>600 € -15% code: RETAIL600

>1200 € -20% code: RETAIL1200


Example of how to use the promo codes:
Once you have goods in your cart for a 200 €, add RETAIL200 in the "Promo code" field and press "Apply," then a 5% discount will be applied to your cart on full-priced items!

A discount will be applied to all full-priced goods in your cart.
The discount is not applied to items on sale and shipping.
The use of these codes might be temporarily disabled during sales and global promotions.




  • If any ordered item is returned for a refund, the refund amount will equal the price paid for the product after the discount.
  • Unless stated otherwise, promotional discounts and coupon discounts are only applied on full-priced goods and not applied on goods that are on sale or with a special offer.
  • Promo coupons must be used at the checkout by writing the code(s) in the promo coupon field and pressing "Apply."
  • % deduction discount is not applied on shipping (unless stated otherwise in the promotion terms).
  • If the "Free delivery" coupon is used, but any ordered goods are returned, all initial shipping expenses will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • If the "Free delivery" promotion is available, it is only possible to use it with standard & economy couriers and post. Please do not use the "free delivery" promo code if you wish to order the Express delivery.
  • We might revise the discount policy and reserve the right to cancel the ongoing promotions at any time. The latest information about the discounts is always available on this page.
  • Some discounts are only available to use for registered & logged-in users.
  • Some promotions and discounts might be invisible and unavailable for the guest checkout. Should you wish to use discounts and special offers, please register a user account and log in to place the order.




Log in and check the promo codes in your account's "Discounts & Vouchers" section to see your discount coupons and offers.

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Q: How can I find out about the upcoming promotions or sales?
A: Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Instagram account to be the first to know about these deals. Also, check back to the Fantasmagoria website more often.


Q: I forgot to use a discount code. Can you apply it backward?
A: Sorry, it is not possible to apply a discount on the order already placed, but we will issue you a shopping coupon equal to the discount that you missed to use on your next order or extend your discount coupon! The only condition is that you place the order within the next two months.


Q: Why can't I use two discount codes?
A: Sorry, but usually, only one deduction discount code is available to use at one time. However, you can use the discount coupon and your credit coupon, and free shipping coupon (if available).


Should you have more questions, let's chat!


PAST PROMOTION (May 21-22 weekend) [CLOSED]

Dear Goths, Happy World Goth Day! Let's celebrate by shopping for Gothic outfits! We offer you discounts and free delivery. Please read the entire offer and the conditions below.

13% discount on any orders with code: Goth

Free worldwide delivery on all orders over 300€ with code: Undead


Offer conditions: 

To use any or both of these offers, you should write the code(s) in the promo coupon field and press "apply."
You will find these codes on the checkout page.
The packing and shipping of the orders placed during the promotion weekend might be delayed by 3-5 days.

Discount conditions: 

Use code "Goth," and 13% will be deducted from all full-priced items in your cart.
13% will be automatically deducted from all full-priced items in your cart when the coupon is used.
A 13% discount is not applicable on sale items or shipping.
There are no minimum order requirements.

Free delivery conditions: 

If your shopping cart's total goods amount is over 300 €, use code "Undead," and we will deliver your order free!
If the free delivery coupon is used, but the selected courier is unavailable, we might change the courier.
Free delivery is only available for shipments with standard & economy couriers and post. Please do not use the "free delivery" promo code if you wish to order the Express delivery.
If the customer returns the purchase for a refund, we will deduct shipping expenses from the refund amount.

 The promotion was valid during World Goth Day weekend:

from 2022-05-20 20:00 until 2022-05-23 07:00, Vilnius time.
from 2022-05-20 21:00 until 2022-05-23 08:00, Berlin time.
from 2022-05-20 22:00 until 2022-05-23 09:00, London time.


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