You may send almost any unused item back to us within 14 days from the date when you received the order.

If you live within the EU - make sure the item is returnable & meets the return conditions, write a note on the delivery slip which you received and send it back to our address. If you live outside the European Union - please read the instructions below.


Please follow these return steps:

  1. Check if the item is returnable

  2. Login to your account, go to "Orders"

  3. Open the order which item(s)you want to return

  4. Mark the checkbox of product you want to return, choose quantity (if applicable)

  5. Write a message in the "Merchandise return" field below: 
    5.1 Describe the reason for the return (e.g. 'size did not fit', 'not what I expected', etc.)
    5.2 For exchange, write detailed info about which size you want to exchange the returning items
    5.3 For refund, write: 'I want to return for a money refund', or, 'I want to return for a store credit.'
    5.4 Press "Request a return"

  6. Wait for our email confirming the return request (usually takes 1-2 working days)

  7. Go to the "Merchandise returns" section on your account and check the return status:
    7.1 Status “Wait for return acceptance confirmation” means that we have to accept your return request (we might check for the availability of the exchange size, or check if the item is eligible for return)
    7.2 Status “Return request accepted. Waiting for customer’s package return” means that we approved your return and wait for your package to arrive
    7.3 Status “Return denied” means that we denied return request (might be because the items are not eligible for a return, for example, if you wanted to return a face mask or hosiery)

  8. Once we accept your return request, you can print out the "return form", accessible from the "Merchandise returns" section of your account.

    No printer? Use the packing list or the invoice (always sent with your order), highlight the items returned, write which size do you want to exchange to or if you want a refund.

  9. Send us the return (make sure it meets the "Return Conditions")

  10. Wait until we receive and inspect the return, and refund your payment or send you a size exchange. You can see the return status in your account's "Merchandise returns" section:
    10.1 Status “Package received. Waiting for inspection” means that your parcel successfully arrived, and we will open and inspect the return within 10 working days (we usually do it faster!
    10.2 Status “Return denied” means that we denied return request (might be because the items are not eligible for a return, or returned item is in unacceptable condition)
    10.3 Status “Refunded, return completed” means that we accepted your return and refunded payment to your account.
    10.4 Status “Exchange items sent, return completed” means that we accepted your return and sent exchange items as requested by you. 


Do you want to talk to us first before sending the return?

Great! We would love to discover the cause for dissatisfaction and hopefully resolve it without the need for a return. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to “Order history & details.”
  3. Next to the order, press “details” and open the order.
  4. Scroll down to the “Add a message” field.
  5. Select a product you want to return from the drop-down list.
  6. Write your message. Let us know if you want to return for a refund or exchange. If it is the exchange request, write which size you need. Optionally, you can describe the reason for the return.
  7. Press “Send.”
  8. If there is more than one product you want to return, please repeat these steps.
  9. Wait for our reply (usually we reply within two working days, but we always aim to be faster. Send us a message on chat if you are in a hurry)

Did you checkout as a guest and don't have an account?
Please follow the link sent to your email and switch your guest account to the customer's account, proceed with the steps written above. Or, contact us through chat.


Due to hygienic restrictions, these items can’t be returned:

  • Underwear (panties, bras), lingerie, swimsuits
  • Hosiery (socks, tights, stockings, bodystockings)
  • Masks
  • All cosmetics: makeup, hair dye, other beauty items
  • Wigs & eyelashes
  • Tops, dresses, bodysuits made of mesh and nylon
  • Earrings & body piercing
  • Contact eye lenses
  • Most of the jewelry


  • Returns must be in their original state and original packaging, with their original labels and tags.
  • Items must be returned spotlessly clean, unworn, unwashed, clean, without smells, dust, animal hair, deodorant, or makeup stains.
  • Each returned item should be neatly folded and packed in the original packaging.
  • Any promotional items included free of charge required to be returned shall the order be returned in full.


Please do not be offended by these rules, as the following request may seem obvious, but you would be surprised to see some returns we receive. When trying out the clothes, please make sure you do not have and will not contact deodorant, perfume, food, cigarette smoke, filth, dry skin flakes, body grease, animal fur, dust, etc. We do not accept returns of items that have been worn and damaged or soiled. Sorry, but no exceptions.


You may send a return in the same (outer) package or box, or if using your own, please make sure you do not destroy or harm the original product’s packaging bags or carton boxes. If the item were damaged due to it being insufficiently packed - we would not accept the return, and exchange or refund will not be applicable.

You can use any return shipping option, for example, post. Make sure it is trackable so we both can follow it. Always retain the proof of postage. Please note that sometimes it takes up to 10 weeks for a post to deliver the returning packages.


We reserve the right to refuse a refund for items that are not in a re-sellable condition - regardless of the presence of original tags and packaging. Refunds will not be issued for the returned items that we determine cannot be resold. We may make such determination based on various factors, including, but not limited to, the appearance, smell, or general condition of the item returned to us. The return team decision is final.

When sending any item back to us, please always send it in the same condition you would like to receive these items—please respect our work and other customers.

What happens with the returned but declined to refund item? We can send it back to you with your next order (if the item is not heavier than 500 g), or you can pay for another forward return shipping, and we send it back to you.

If the customer whose ‘return’ was rejected doesn’t get back to us within 30 days, the item will be destroyed and recycled.


The exchange is only possible within the EU countries, to a different size of the same item ordered.
If you wish to exchange for something else – send the item(s) for a money refund or credit voucher and place the new order.

Once the item is returned and inspected, we will send the exchange size (if the exchange is available) free of charge within the EU. Shipment will be done as a registered delivery by post or with your next order.
Should you wish to receive the exchange item by courier delivery - please send the product for the refund and place the order for the new size.

If you live outside the European Union, free size exchange is not possible. If you wish to exchange the size of the ordered item, please place the new order for the size you wish and send us the item which did not fit for the refund.


The customer is liable for the return shipping costs
But, if the receiver is within the EU, we can ship the exchange item for free by post or with your next order without extra charge on shipping!


Attention, customers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, and other non-EU countries!

  1. Please note that any return from the country outside the European Union will be charged 20 EUR by EU customs. If there are more than 4 items returned, the charge is 30 EUR per return. This money will be deducted from the refund (say, your returned 1 item for 50 EUR, we will refund you 30 EUR).
  2. Please make sure your item is returnable and the condition meets the return requirements.
  3. Include the original or copy of the invoice (always sent with your order) and highlight or mark the items you send back to us. The invoice should be placed in a clear envelope on the outer side of the package. The invoice was sent to you by email and it can also be found on your account.
  4. Fill in customs declaration paperwork (these documents will be provided by the courier of your choice), make sure it matches the invoice data, product price and currency should also match the invoice.
  1. Contact us through chat or [email protected] email right after you send the return, write the tracking number of the return parcel, write which shipping service you used, your full name, order number, and a complete list of items returned. Attach a copy of the customs declaration you filled in and sent with the order. We will need it for customs clearance.
  2. Allow up to 60 days for the parcel to return, and expect up to 30 days of customs clearance. Yes, it may take so long, but it is beyond our control because the EU customs are hard to deal with and with each return, we have to prove that it is a return, not the purchase. To speed up the process please make sure you proceed with all the data and steps requested above.
  3. Any duties that occurred on returned goods due to the wrongly filled customs declaration or parcel not marked as “goods return to the seller” will remain the customer’s responsibility.
  4. When placing the order with us, you agree to these terms. Yes, we understand this may sound complicated, but we should abide by the law and follow the international trade rules. Should you have any questions about customs charges - please address them to the customs offices. 


Jaksto 9-106
01105 Vilnius


After we receive your return, please allow up to 14 days to process your returned item(s). We always aim to be faster, but please keep in mind that it takes time to pick up your return from the post, open and inspect it for quality, calculate and proceed with the refund.

Please expect to receive a refund in 10 to 20 days from the day we receive your return. Once the refund is done - you will get the email with the notification. It may take 3-5 business days for the refund amount to show up in your account.

Orders returned that received free shipping would receive a refund or credit minus the shipping fee.

Orders returned that received discount based on the total ordered amount would receive the refund based on discount recalculation.


Is there a minor fault with the item received which you can fix yourself?
Did you order the wrong size, but you don’t want to bother with sending the item(s) back?
Do you prefer to give that item to your friend, sell it on eBay or Facebook marketplace, and instead order a different size? Good choice!
Let us know, and we will provide a discount on your next order of the same item. Contact us through chat or by sending us a message from your order on your account. See the “Contact us about the return” section.


Did you receive a wrong or faulty item?

Email [email protected] or through your account or on the chat right after you receive the order. Please introduce yourself, write your order number, item name, describe the error, attach photos). The more information you provide, the faster we will resolve your case.


Did the box arrive damaged?

External box damage happens very rarely. Our team has very professional packing skills, and we use only the highest quality packing for shipping. However, if you see that the outer box is damaged, please take pictures before opening it. If you find any of the ordered items to be broken, please contact us immediately, within 24 hours after receiving the parcel, and send us the photos of harmed package & goods.


We guarantee you a 100% money refund on returned goods which match Return Policy.
We guarantee to reimburse any faulty or wrong product received.
Our Company does not warrant and is not responsible for damages caused by trying out the received items without care, e.g., trying to put on the clothes which are too small for the customer, using force on fragile items such as jewelry, nylons or lace fabrics, opening the package without care. We are not liable for defects caused by unusual usage, insufficient or incorrect care. Our Company does not warrant and is not responsible for damages caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, the natural breakdown of materials over time, or problems that may be reasonably expected with regular use, wear and tear, or failure to follow bought item care instructions. However, we guarantee that we will provide you with all possible information and advice regarding the repair of the item, care advice, and when possible, we will offer spare parts & accessories.


According to our website’s T&C, which customers agree on when placing the order, it is necessary to read and agree with the conditions written on this page before the purchase. It will only take 5 min of your time to make sure our conditions are clear and adequate.

For more than 20 years, one of the foundations of the enjoyable shopping experience at Fantasmagoria is trust between our customers and us. To maintain that trust, we expect all customers to treat each other and the seller with respect. Should you have any doubts or troubles - always contact us - we are here to help and support you!


We guarantee the goods arrive in excellent condition and we are sure our customers will be thrilled about their orders.
You, our customer, are very important to us and we want you to be delighted.
We make every effort to display products online as informative as possible and make sure sizing charts are accurate.
Our suppliers have a very high product quality check, and our couriers are taking care of each parcel shipped.

Of course, all of us are humans, so if you have issues with the goods received – contact us right away - we will make it right and fix the problem.


The EU laws protect our customers’ purchases.
Customers’ payments are protected by PayPal and Braintree payments processors.


The 13 rules to follow when unboxing the purchase.

  1. Open the box or a pack with care. If using scissors or a knife, make sure you don’t cut the products inside.
  2. Open the plastic bags or carton packaging with care. Use a ziplock opener where applicable, or remove the sticky tape with care. Please do not cut the plastic bags and do not destroy the packaging until you are sure that you want to keep the purchase.
  3. Unbox the parcel in a clean room, with no animals around you.
  4. Try shoes on the clean floor, preferably on the carpet, only inside the house.
  5. Try on clothing in a tidy, well-lit room.
  6. When you put the garment down - make sure the surface is spotlessly clean, there is no dust, fur, or hair.
  7. If you decide to return any of the items, put them nicely back into the original packaging right away (before they absorbed any smells or got dust on them)
  8. Please always fold the clothing nicely. Don’t just throw it in the box. Don’t tuck it as a rag, please!
  9. Make sure the labels are intact.
  10. Pack goods in their original bags (check the item code on the label and the code on the label sticker of the bag)
  11. And please, Always Make sure the item is spotlessly clean (just like you received it).
  12. Always send it back the same way you would like to receive it - clean and nicely folded.
  13. Please note that we reserve the right to reject the serial returners’ orders or the customers who return the goods in non-resellable conditions.


To avoid returns, always read the full product description, check details, sizing chart, and look through all the product images and close-ups.

For more information, please refer to our sales terms and conditions.

If in doubt, chat with us - we are always here to help you with size, style advice, or other issues or doubts!


Q: Do I have to receive the return approval and go through all the return request steps before sending anything back?
A: Not obligatory, but you would help us enormously if you do as requested in our terms, by requesting the return through your account. The return process requires a lot of work from our side, we have to add each return to the accounts and have legal documents ready for the customs and taxes office. So please read all the “Return Policy,” and proceed with the return according to our terms.


Q: Do I have to explain why I am returning the purchase?
A: If you could give us some info, such as why you did not like the item, it would help us serve you better next time. But you do not have to explain anything if you don’t wish to. We accept any reason for return, no questions asked.


Q: What does it mean, return within 14 days? Do you have to receive it back within this time frame?
A: “Sending the item back within 14 days from when you received the order” means that you have to send it within two weeks from the date tracking shows it as “Received” by you. We understand that delivery by post might be slow, and it may take up to a few weeks to receive your return.


Q: Do I have to send the return using the same shipping courier as I received the item from you?
A: No, not at all. You can send it by any courier, post or through parcel box, as long as it reaches our address.


Q: Do I have to register the returned parcel and use the trackable service?
A: Not necessary, but please note that you are responsible for delivery, and we accept no complaints if the return is lost or delivery is delayed.


Q: I am in Vilnius. Can I bring the return to your office instead of shipping it back to you?
A: Sure thing! Once the quarantine or lockdown is over, come over any time Monday-Friday from 9:00 until 13:00 or from 14:00 until 17:30. Please be ready to wait for several minutes until we inspect the return condition and accept your return. If you want an exchange instead of a return, please contact us in advance to prepare an exchange item for you. Please note, that trying on clothing or shoes in our office is only possible once the pandemic times are over and it is safe and allowed to accept customers in our showroom.


Q: Do I have to email you the list of the items I sent back, a copy of the customs declaration, and the tracking number?
A: Yes, especially if you ship from outside the European Union (USA, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, etc) it is absolutely necessary.


Q: Will I receive an email when you receive the return and make a refund?
A: We will contact you by email after the refund is made. Or we will contact you if there are issues with the returned item (e.g., the returned item is non-sellable)


Q: I sent an item 2 weeks ago but did not receive any message from you?
A: Please be patient, follow the tracking number, and note that if you sent the return by post - it might take up to 60 days to arrive.


Q: My tracking says that the return has been delivered to you. When do you process it?
A: Please allow up to 14 days to inspect the return and proceed with an exchange or refund.


Q: My tracking says that the return has been delivered to your post, but you did not pick it up?
A: It may (rarely) happen that the postman forgets to bring us the note about the returned parcel. Please email us the tracking number, sender's full name, and address, and we will contact the post office.


Q: There is a quarantine lockdown in my town, and I can’t go out to the post to send the return. Can you extend the return shipping time?
A: Sure thing, we can extend the return term! Please email us and describe the situation; let us know what you want to return. We will get back to you with a solution.


Q: Can you send me a return label?
A: Yes, it is possible for some of the VIP buyers (our returning customers) within the EU countries. For this option, you should agree to pay the shipping expenses and bring the parcel to the courier’s access point (drop-off location). It would be the same courier which we used to ship your order to you. A return will cost you the same price as the original delivery + 10 EUR handling fee. We can deduct this payment from your refund (if it is not higher than the returned goods price). Please contact us with this request, write your order number, and let us know what you want to return, and if it is for refund or exchange.


Q: I bought the item as a Christmas present, can you extend the return time?
A: Sure! All orders purchased and received in December (from 12.01 until 12.31) can be sent back on the first week of January and not later than January 14th.


Q: Can I cancel the order once it is shipped and not pick it up from the post/courier?
A: Well, you may, but please note that in this case, we will not be able to refund you the initial and return shipping costs. Plus, when the order is refused, courier services and post take a long time to proceed with the return. Please, be patient and expect to wait up to 3 months if you are from Europe and up to 6 months if you are from any country outside Europe.


Q: Is there COVID-related delays?
A: There are no order packing & shipping delays from our side, but there might be slight delays in the delivery because of possible traffic disruptions related to lockdowns. Please read all the information here.

Last updated: September 21st, 2021

Are you missing some info? Need help with your return?  Chat with us, and we’d be happy to help!


Thank you for shopping at Fantasmagoria!

Kind regards,


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