Dear customers living in the countries within the EU, please note that we ship from Lithuania (the country in the EU), so you will never have to pay any extra taxes for your order, there will never be any charges on the delivery of your order. Information on this page is for customers outside the EU only.


Do you live outside European Union? We will not charge you taxes on goods and shipping!

Tax-free shopping is available for deliveries to the Countries outside European Union: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, UAE, etc.

How to change your delivery location

Please make sure you choose your country at the top of the page to see all prices & services at VAT-free (0% tax) rate.

Also, all taxes will always be automatically deducted on checkout, whenever you choose to ship outside the EU.



Information for our customers outside European Union.


Please note, when ordering goods with delivery to a country outside the EU, the value-added tax is not included in the price of goods and shipping.


Once the package reaches your country, you may be subject to import duties & taxes, and courier "handling fees".

Some carriers might send you the customs bill after you receive the order, but most of the time all customs fees have to be paid before you receive the order.
If any additional charges occur - they will be collected by the company that delivers your parcel.
All charges for customs clearance and import taxes must be borne by you (receiver of the goods).
We (sender) have no control over these charges nor are we able to reimburse you.


In most countries, there are a certain amount of goods are available for purchase abroad without having to pay any taxes or import duties. There might be some minimum that is not taxed, if you go over that minimum limit, taxes and duties may be applied to the total value of all goods including shipping.

The charges might be from a few EUR up to 60% of the value of the order, or it may happen that you won't be charged at all.
Some customs would charge you regardless of the total amount when the ordered goods are made of a certain fabric or it is some certain item e.g. shoes.

Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please contact your local customs office for further information about possible taxes and customs duties charges (list the type of goods you plan to order, price of goods, the total amount including delivery price, tell that delivery will be from the EU, country Lithuania). Detailed information should be available from the Federal Customs Administration of your Country.
Also, for information on taxes and possible additional charges, you may also contact FedEx, UPS, DHL, or your country's Post Office info-line. These carrier companies have to provide information about import duties or give you local customs office phone numbers.

When ordering goods at our website with the delivery to the country outside the EU, you agree to pay all the charges invoiced to you by the shipping agent, customs broker, or tax office.


Please note, that if you, a receiver would refuse to accept the shipment, the parcel with all goods will either be destroyed and the courier company will charge you for this regardless, either the parcel with all goods will be returned back to us. When the order will be returned back to us, we would have to go through customs procedures which costs from 60 to 100 EUR and pay the return shipment which is usually 3 to 4 times more expensive than the initial delivery. Should we face these costs, they will be deducted from the refund amount, or an invoice will be sent to the original receiver if the charges exceed the amount of the ordered goods.


Yes, we understand that this sounds complicated, but nearly all of our customers never had any issues with paying taxes when receiving the goods, as in the end, the price is still much cheaper than anywhere else. Plus, add the quality of our products, the service, and the value you receive. :)

We would be happy if you'd share your feedback with us! Do you have more questions or suggestions on this article? How was your experience with the customs and carrier? How many duties and income taxes did you pay for the order received? Please let us know by email or chat.



Q: Is there a minimum order for which I won't have to pay any fees?

A: There is but it depends on the country and it may change at any time. Some countries have no minimum, while the UK seems to have about 135 GBP. In the US the minimum is very high, and you won't pay any taxes unless you import goods over 800 USD per month. Please check with your country's customs info line.


Q: Can you deduct the total amount and write a lower invoice than I paid?

A: No, sorry it is illegal and not possible.


Q: I think I was charged too much by the UK customs (the courier company issued these charges for me), what can I do?

A: Yes, we have heard about these overcharges in the UK, and here is what you should do: To receive the order, you should pay these charges which they calculated. Then please contact HMRC here, and tell them that you think you've been charged too much. You may also fill in the complaint about the overcharges here.


Q: I live in the UK, and I got the bill asking to pay a "Government fee", what is that?

A: The "Government fee" is a sum of VAT (Value Added Tax), customs duties, import taxes & excise duty. You pay all this if your order is over 135 GBP (shipping included), but these numbers may change by the UK government's decision. For more information please consult with HMRC here.


Q: I would like to buy a dress but I live in the UK, do you know if the customs will ask for lots of money? have you shipped orders to the UK recently?

A: We ship a lot of orders to the UK, and most of them are over 100 EUR (~85 GBP) and thus are getting charged with import taxes and customs duties. But as you buy Tax-free with us, you already pay 21% less than the EU customers, so I believe paying taxes to your country is fair enough. :)
Unfortunately, we can't tell you the tax amount as it is truly unpredictable plus one must know all the laws and rules in the UK. I'd suggest you start with smaller orders and see how much they charge you or, call the customs office and ask what taxes should you expect if you order goods from the EU.
According to our customers' feedback, it seems to be a matter of luck on which customs broker would check your parcel. Parcels sent by Royal Mail (Post) seem to be less taxed than UPS or FedEx.


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