Fantasmagoria brand is searching for creative individuals who are into Alternative subcultures and have their unique style.

Do you want to become our influencer and model?
Do you have a creative idea you want to fulfill with the help of our products?
Fantastic! Please read the terms and requirements of our collaboration below.

How to know if you qualify?

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You like fashion Fantasmagoria sells, and the shop’s products match your style.
  • You love to take photos and videos of yourself (selfies and the full height) or you are a professional photographer/videographer or a band/artist.
  • You have more than 5000 followers on at least one of your social media networks (TikTok/Instagram/YouTube).
  • You actively create social posts and continuously engage with your followers.
  • You have at least 500 likes on each of your posted content.
  • You have at least 10 (preferably more) comments under most of your posts.
  • Your followers are real; they have the same interests in fashion as you.
  • You follow our @fantasmagoria and @punkrave Instagram profiles.
  • You follow our @fantasmagoria and @punkrave TikTok profiles.
  • Your account has personality and unique aesthetics.
  • You are posting consistently.
  • You can take and provide High-Quality, full-height photos where the clothing is visible.
  • You create short (Reels, TikTok) or/and long (YouTube) videos.
  • You are ready to genuinely create and increase awareness about the Fantasmagoria shop among their fans, friends, and followers.


If all the statements above are correct, then please email us at [email protected] with answers to the questions below:

  • What country are you from?
  • What is your fashion style(s)?
  • Your Instagram username?
  • What is the status of your Instagram profile account? Personal Open / Personal Private / Business / Creator (?)
  • your TikTok username?
  • Send your profile(s) insights & statistics as screenshots. Here is what we need: Top Locations of your followers (countries), last 30-days insights, a screenshot of your top 9 most engaging posts.
  • Do you use other social media channels or run a blog? If yes, send links.
  • Name Brands & shops you currently working with?
  • Did you mention/promote Fantasmagoria in the past? If yes, please send a link(s) to these posts.
  • What type of collaboration are you interested in?
  • What can you offer to promote our brand?

We will revise your application and if you qualify, we will get back to you with a request to read and agree with our collaboration terms.

Besides, it is quite possible that you do not match all the numbers above, but you are always welcome to try your luck! However, please note that we will only contact the chosen influencers.

Depending on your profile type, your skills, and your competence, various cooperation types are possible. Your ideas about our collab are welcomed!

As a chosen influencer, you may get a free item(s), or/and a substantial discount, and free delivery. Payment is possible for specific profiles.

Here are a few collab examples:

Option 1: We offer you an item of our choice, which matches your style, and when you confirm, we send it to you for free. We cover shipping expenses.

Option 2: We send you the list of items available for influencers’ collaboration. You choose the one you like the most.

Option 3: You email us the list of items you want, and we either agree or offer you a similar item of our choice.

Option 4: We rent you items of our choice which match your style. We provide free shipping and free return labels. This option is valid for professional models based in the EU, with access to the pro photo/video studio.

Option 5: Any from the aboveplus when the job is done, we send you PayPal payment or shopping coupon at Fantasmagoria store.*
*Payment is possible if the influencer/model has a massive reach, high engagement rate, at least 10k followers, has no fake/paid followers, can provide high-quality photos and professional content. Amounts and details to be discussed and signed before the project starts.



Fantasmagoria Instagram Tag: @fantasmagoria
TikTok Tag: @fantasmagoriashop
Fantasmagoria Facebook  Tag: @fantasmagoria
YouTube channel: @fantasmagoriashop 
Address: Fantasmagoria, Jaksto 9, 01105 Vilnius, Lithuania
You are welcome to join and post in the Fantasmagoria Facebook group

Fantasmagoria company is the official Punk Rave distributor and largest Punk Rave stockiest in the world. If you receive any item which is Punk Rave brand, you are welcome to tag our Punk Rave profiles listed here:
Punk Rave Instagram  Tag: @punkrave
TikTok Tag: @punkrave
Punk rave Facebook Tag: @punkravebrand
You are welcome to join and post in the Punk Rave Facebook group
Attention: Please make sure you do not tag any other Punk Rave profiles which do not belong to Fantasmagoria!


Did you know? Fantasmagoria has everything in stock, and all goods are ready to be shipped immediately! We offer speedy worldwide delivery, and we ship from Europe!
We are a small, family business located in Vilnius, Lithuania, our country is in the European Union.
Fantasmagoria ™ is the official Punk Rave, Dark in Love, Devil Fashion, Pyon Pyon, RQ-BL, Ballerina brand distributor globally, and one of the biggest Killstar stockists.


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