Halloween Costume Ideas for Her

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

What Sets Fantasmagoria Apart from Typical Costume Shops?

Let's be clear: the items we sell at Fantasmagoria aren't just 'costumes.' They're high-quality outfits sewn to endure the tides of time and trend. We sell what we wear ourselves in everyday life and parties. We specialize in Gothic, Punk, Rave, and many other Dark Alternative subgenres of fashion that don't just make a statement for a day but live on as a part of your lifestyle.

When you shop with us, you're not just preparing for Halloween but making a long-term investment in quality and style. Forget that cheap polyester mess; we're talking top-notch materials and timeless designs. Plus, our quick shipping services ensure you get what you need ASAP.

Morticia Addams Halloween Costume Idea

Channel the queen of all things shadowy! – Morticia Addams

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Idea

Creepy, kooky, and all together spooky! - Wednesday Addams.

Dark Queen Halloween Costume Idea

Ready to own the night this Halloween? You should be, Queen!

Gothic Doll Halloween Costume Idea

This Gothic Doll look is a straight-up wicked fantasy!

Gothic Barbie Doll Halloween Costume Idea

Unleash your inner Gothic Barbie this Halloween with a splash of rainbow.

Queen of the Damned Halloween Costume Idea

Embody a dark queen, a spectral sovereign, monarch of the macabre.

Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume Idea

Let's rewrite Red Riding Hood's tale with a Fantasmagoria twist.

Satyr Halloween Costume Idea

Ready to dance through the night, enchanting all who cross your path?

Teen Titans Raven Halloween Costume Idea

Raven is the mysterious, telekinetic, and empathic soul of the Teen Titans.

Tomb Raider Halloween Costume Idea

Get ready to raid the darkest crypts and solve ancient mysteries.

Black Widow Halloween Costume Idea

Revel in the dark mystique of Black Widow!

Catwoman Halloween Costume Idea

It's time to slay, kitties! Unleash your inner feline fierceness!

The Priestess Fantasy Character - Halloween Costume Idea

Will they worship, or will they fear you? The night will tell.

The Nun Halloween Costume Idea

Embrace the tender shadows with this ethereal mourning ensemble.

Witch Halloween Costume Idea

Spellbindingly sweet with a touch of midnight mischief. Be-witch!

Haunted Doll Halloween Costume Idea

Darklings, get ready for a night of fun at the Macabre Carnival.

What are Some Killer Costume Ideas for Women?

  • Morticia Addams. Outfit: Glide effortlessly in the THEATRE OF TRAGEDY DRESS, its dramatic bell sleeves whispering tales of forbidden love and gothic grandeur. Cinch that ethereal silhouette with the VAMPIRESS CORSET BELT, adding a touch of wicked sophistication. Stomp into the witching hour with the enigmatic AFTER DARK BOOTS, a soulful dance of luxe vegan leather and dark allure. Crown the look with the SORCERESS LACE FRONT BLACK LONG WIG; bewitching, beguiling, utterly Fantasmagoria. This All Hallows' Eve, be the spellbinding mystery everyone's dying to unravel. Step into the lair of elegance, darklings, and channel the queen of all things shadowy – the timeless Morticia Addams.

  • Wednesday Addams. Outfit: The CATHEDRAL SKATER DRESS is your perfect potion for the Addams' look. With its contrasting exaggerated collar and flowy structure, it'll have you looking as if you've walked straight out of the haunted mansion. Accentuate with the DEAD GIRL RIBBON - a gothic, black satin bow crowned with a skeletal hand pendant, adding a dash of eerie elegance to your hair. Strut your sinister style with the WEDNESDAY PLATFORM SHOES. Glossy black with strappy pentagram detail, they're a wicked nod to our favorite morbid maiden. This All Hallows' Eve, channel the charm of the Addams' heir with a modern Fantasmagoria twist. Darklings, be ready to snap those fingers! *snap snap*

  • Dark Queen. Outfit: Ready to reign supreme this Halloween? Let's get it, queens! DRESS: Glide through the night in this VALSE MACABRE DRESS by Punk Rave. It's got everything a dark queen craves, from its fit-and-flare vibe to its Victorian Gothic elegance. You won't just walk into the room—you'll own it. CROWN: No dark queen is complete without her crown. This GOTHIC PRINCESS TIARA CROWN is here to make sure you rule your realm. Wanna see for yourself? NECKLACE: Your neckline will thank you. The EVIL INTENTIONS BLACK NECKLACE is more than just a necklace; it's a whole mood. Go big or go home, right? Unleash your inner goddess with this BARONESS BLACK WIG. You'll be serving major looks, guaranteed. BOOTS: Round out your fit with the GLOOMED AND DOOMED BOOTS by Killstar. These boots weren't made for walking—they were made for conquering.

  • Gothic DollOutfit: That Black Muse Dress is every goth dream, serving some serious Morticia Addams vibes. The lace-up detail is such a killer touch; it's edgy yet seductive. Pairing it with those Basilisks Pumps? Genius. Those heels scream power and dominance, and honestly, who wouldn't want to tower over the mere mortals?
    The Silver Steel Belt adds just the right amount of bling without stealing the show, and it's perfectly on-trend. Every goth queen needs her accessories, and that Beast Coffin Purse is everything. It's equal parts spooky and stylish, and I'm living for it.Now, those Black Shadow Eyelashes? They'll make anyone's eyes pop and add that extra dose of drama for a night out or a dark ethereal photoshoot. And to top it off, that Sorceress Blond Wig brings a touch of mystery to the ensemble. It's like a blend of classic goth with a sprinkle of elven magic. Totally unexpected but a brilliant contrast.

  • Gothic Barbie DollOutfit: Slide into our 'Sugar & Spice Dress', strap on those chunky 'Hazel Boots', and let your hair down with the 'Saturnalia Pink Wig'. Don't forget those dreamy 'Sakura Eyelashes' and the pop of color with our 'Electric Rainbow Waistbag'. Accent it all with the 'Penta Half Choker' and voila! Gothic Barbie vibes activated.

  • Queen of the DamnedOutfit: First and foremost, the Raven Romance Harness. This is the epitome of gothic opulence. From the raven embellishments to the intricate lace detailing, it’s less of a harness and more of a declaration: "I've risen from the shadows and I'm here to reign supreme." It's equal parts edgy and ethereal, a must-have for anyone looking to serve some otherworldly elegance. Now, let's float down to that Arabella Skirt. The flowy design and dark aesthetic are giving major "I rule the night" vibes. Whether you're dancing under a blood moon or presiding over your dark court, this skirt will have you gliding through the night like the regal specter you are. Those Black Butterfly Sleeves are the definition of gothic romance. The cascading design feels like something out of a vampire fairytale.
    Can we take a moment for the Occult Moth Collar? This ain’t your grandma's jewelry. It's bold, it's Gothic, and it's dripping in dark magic vibes. Moths are the guardians of the night, and wearing this collar, you'll feel their power embracing you.
    And finally, the Lucifer Sigil Silver Earrings. These are not just earrings; they're a statement. They whisper tales of forbidden rituals, moonlit summonings, and dark pacts made in hushed tones.
    All in all, with this ensemble, you're not just dressing up for Halloween – you're embodying a dark queen, a spectral sovereign, a monarch of the macabre. Step out in this, and the world will know: The Queen of the Damned has arrived. Bow down, mortals!

  • Red Riding HoodOutfit: Lost in the woods or just turning heads? Rock our 'Tartan Doll Dress' and layer it with the 'Roses and Romance Red Cape' for an ethereal blend of mystery and elegance. Sling on the 'Devil's Mistress Handbag' to stash all your enchantments. The 'Skullz Gothic Headband' adds a touch of dark allure, while the 'Baroque Doll Black Wig' gives off hauntingly beautiful vibes. Are you ready to walk the darkened path of the woods and emerge as the Gothic Red Riding Hood of your darkest fantasies? Let your hauntingly beautiful tale begin!

  • SatyrOutfit: Dare to delve into the mystical realms this Halloween? Channel your inner satyr with our hauntingly seductive ensemble. Start off with the 'Melvina Hotpants shorts' - a dark, daring piece that pairs flawlessly with the sultry 'Moira Top'. Embrace your wild side with the 'Wolverine Shrug', a perfect addition to unleash the creature within. Stride with confidence in the 'Luci-Fairy Boots' and let the 'Furrious Black Legwarmers' keep you fierce and fabulous. And what's a satyr without horns? Our 'Sinister Headband' adds the final touch to your otherworldly allure. Step out of the shadows and into the moonlight - the night is yours to conquer!

  • Teen Titans RavenOutfit: Channeling the mysterious and powerful vibes of Teen Titans' Raven. Dive into her dark yet captivating world with this eerily elegant ensemble: The sleek Flexi Demon Leotard is pure sorcery, offering that classic Raven look. Draped in the luxurious Snow Maiden Violet Cape, let your magic shine. Add a touch of rebellious edge with our Punktured Belt. Strut your arcane powers with the bewitching Violet Boots. And for that final spellbinding touch? The contrasting Alice Black and Purple Legwarmers. For those unfamiliar with the legend: Raven is the mysterious, telekinetic, and empathic soul of the Teen Titans, often balancing her dark past with the hope of a brighter future.

  • Tomb RaiderOutfit: Embrace the fierce and unstoppable spirit of Tomb Raider this Halloween. Get ready to raid the darkest crypts and solve ancient mysteries with this fit: The Vega Top serves some serious adventurer vibes. Lace it up & step into the unknown. Essential for any explorer, the Nu-World Belt is not just chic, but functional too. Tread fearlessly with the Beelzebub Boots - no tomb or terrain is a challenge. Stay cool while uncovering secrets with the Helios Shorts.Up the stakes with the bold Vengeance Harness. Every raider's secret weapon. Finish off the iconic look with a Black Curly Tie-on Ponytail. Fierce, just like our hero. For those diving into history: Tomb Raider's Lara Croft is THE legendary archaeologist-adventurer, breaking barriers and unearthing the world's mysteries. Step into her boots and let the adventure begin.

  • Black WidowOutfit: Seductive, deadly, and ever so stylish - the Black Widow is here to spin her web this Halloween. Dive deep into the dark allure with: The bewitching Arachna Dress, the heart of the ensemble. Feel its embrace. Draped in mystery, the Black Widow Bolero is sheer perfection for eerie elegance. Danger lurks with the Deadly Choker, whispering tales of the unknown. Adorn your ears with Deadly Spider Hoop Earrings. Every move you make, every step you take, they'll be watching. Cinch your waist with the Bloody Mary Waist Cincher, a red-hot statement piece. Elevate the enigma with the Stop Staring Thigh High Socks. Stomp into the night with Selene Boots, the final touch to your Black Widow look. Black Widow is no mere spider; she's an icon of enticement and danger. This Halloween, weave your own dark tale, one outfit at a time.

  • Catwoman. Outfit: 'Diva Moment' Jumpsuit: Because every cat has her diva moments.'Hungry 4 You' Headpiece: Make 'em purr and hear you roar! 'Madam Meow' Harness: Add a dash of mysterious allure to your prowl. 'Off Kilter' Handbag: For the kitty on the go, with a touch of dark elegance.

  • The Priestess Fantasy Character. Outfit: GOTHIC ABBESS DRESS - Command the arcane energies in a flowing black dress, adorned with lace and cold steel lacing. A hood to shroud your ethereal beauty or to keep prying eyes away from your otherworldly gaze. BLACK DAGGER LEGWARMERS - Not just a fashion statement, but a reminder of the battles fought in hidden realms. HARDCORE BOOTS - Stomp on the mundane, rise with Gothic grandeur. Every step echoes the power and poise of dark deities. SNAKE BITE BELT AND GARTERS - Wrapped around you, the serpentine charm binds and accentuates, ready to strike or seduce. DIABOLICAL HORNS HEADBAND - No mystic maven is complete without a nod to the creatures of lore, a diabolic twist to your aura.

  • The NunOutfit: MAENIA DRESS - Crafted for the grieving heart, this dress carries the weight of lost souls and undying memories. Its ruffled yoke whispers tales of bygone eras, while the blackness of the fabric holds secrets of the void. SAVASANA TALL GLASS CANDLE - Light up the path for wandering spirits and let them dance around the mystic flame. GARDENIA VEIL - Delicate as a spider's web, adorned with dark roses, it's a bridge between realms, connecting life and afterlife.  SUMMON THE NIGHT BLACK CHOKER - Channel the powers that lurk in the night. Every charm holds a spell, a silent chant to the moon and stars. LORD OF NIGHT MEDIUM URN - A resting place for fragmented dreams and phantom whispers, an ode to those who've crossed the veil. Mourn with grace, bewitch with sorrow. Let your heart be the altar, and your spirit, the offering. This Halloween, let Fantasmagoria lead you through the hallowed halls of the haunted heart. Darkness whispers and midnight beckons, as Fantasmagoria unfolds the essence of melancholic beauty this Halloween.

  • The WitchOutfit: Drift dreamily in the enchanting CORDELIA DRESS, a velvet embrace kissed with whispers of lilac. Channel the night's power with the SUPER MOON WITCHES HAT, every witch's magical crown. Keep your potions and charms close with the mesmerizing SUPER NATURALIST HANDBAG, where gothic intricacies meet everyday style. Pen down spells or dark sonnets in the BEAST JOURNAL, a testament to every witch's arcane arts. Glide gracefully and ground your magical energies with the ORACLE FLATS, the final touch to your mystical journey.

  • Haunted DollOutfit: Command the ghostly circus in the captivating LYDIA DRESS, where monochrome meets gothic romance. Steal the spotlight with the sultry STARLET GRAY WIG, flowing with tales of haunted love. Stomp, twirl, and dance with spirits in the fierce BONE STOMPER BOOTS. And for the final touch, the BALLERINA CHOKER COLLAR - a declaration of carnival royalty.


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