Punk Rave brand collection

Punk Rave is a Dark Fashion Brand, creating the most unique clothing and accessories in the Alternative Fashion Scene.

Unique, Edgy, High-Quality fashion for adult & young men and women. Punk Rave's fashion styles are inspired by Classic & Modern Art, Gothic, Punk, Rock & Metal, Dark Electronic music, Underground Lifestyle, and Edgy High Fashion. You will be thrilled by the variety and quantity of the fantastic designs, and you will find the outfit for any occasion - daily casual, summer festival, club, cosplay, Halloween, Prom ball, LARP, and Gothic Wedding (just to mention a few!).

Punk Rave creates fashion in styles: Gothic (Victorian, Gothic Lolita, Classic, Oldschool, and Modern NuGoth included!), Punk & Grunge, Techwear & Post-Apocalyptic, Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, Corporate Goth, Military Goth, Visual-Kei, etc.

We dare to say that the Punk Rave name has a strong association with Gothic Fashion and became a synonym for Gothic Aesthetics.

Latest additions to the range:

  • Collection for kids (clothing matching their parents!) and home decor
  • Plus size unique collection

Fantasmagoria shop is the largest stockist and worldwide distributor of Punk Rave. 

Punk Rave designers' team produces consistently exceptional and innovative clothing and fashion accessories. New collections are released four times a year, and new designs come monthly. Punk Rave is based in China, and the designer's team is South Korean-Chinese.
Fantasmagoria is a long-term business partner of Punk Rave. Since then, we have worked together since the establishment of the Punk Rave brand back in 2008 and consult Punk Rave on alternative fashion trends.

Aiming to stand out from other alternative brands, the purpose of this brand is to distinguish a style that will be completely different from the others. Once you choose the brand's clothing - you will for sure stand out from the crowd whenever you go.

Punk Rave is here to prove that Punk is undead and still evolving with the best that the alternative scene has to offer. They are here to prove it together with you, dear Dark Fashion lovers.

Corresponding to the new generation and the old-school scene veterans, this brand has been appreciated by various age customers worldwide.

Welcome to browse our nearly 5000 Punk Rave products. Fantasmagoria stocks the largest Punk Rave collection in the world!

Browse this page and use the "Filter" feature to sort the view by gender, look, available size, occasion, etc.!



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