Jack-o'-lantern collection

Halloween vibes are brewing at Fantasmagoria! Dive into our wicked Jack-o'-lantern collection, from plush toys to teapots, each piece dripping with dark charm.

Halloween vibes are brewing at Fantasmagoria! Dive into our wicked Jack-o'-lantern collection, from plush toys to teapots, from slippers to dresses, each piece dripping with dark charm.

Fantasmagoria's Halloween Jack-o'-lantern collection featuring a variety of pumpkin-themed items

Hey, ghouls and goblins of the night! Prepare to be bewitched!

Fantasmagoria's Halloween Jack-o'-lantern Legion is here, ready to haunt your home with all things pumpkin. Whether you're sippin' a deadly brew from our Pumpkin Ceramic Mug or storing forbidden treats in the Jack O'Lantern Bowl with Lid, we've got the eerie essentials to amp up your spooky season.

  • Pumpkin Ceramic Candy Dish - Perfect for your deadly candies. Pumpkin Teddy Chasm Plush Toy - Your cuddly companion for those chilly, haunted nights.
  • Spicy Pumpkin Small Jar - Seal your dark secrets or potions.
  • Jack O'Lantern Teapot - For those bewitching tea sessions.

And for the grand touch, hang our Trick or Treat Hanging Banner to welcome all wandering spirits (or just your party guests) this Halloween.

Get in the spirit, and let the dark magic of our collection enchant you. Hurry before they vanish into the night!

Fantasmagoria's edgy Halloween Jack-o'-lantern collection showcasing: A cozy black 'Every Day is Halloween' sweater with a fiery pumpkin design, vibrant orange and black patterned 'Wretched Soul' socks, a chic two-layered 'Katsu' skirt with black top and orange-and-black checkered tulle, a bold 'Penta' half choker with pentagram detail, a statement 'Grave Digger' handbag shaped like an orange skull with a zipper and pentagram charm, and towering 'Hexraider' platform boots with a silver pentagram chain detail

Round 2 of our wickedly stylish Halloween drops!

Steal the show this spooky season with our 'Every Day is Halloween' sweater and radiant 'Wretched Soul' socks.

Pair it up with the mystic 'Katsu' skirt and strut your stuff with the 'Hexraider' boots.

Don't forget to accessorize with our bold 'Penta' choker and iconic 'Grave Digger' skull handbag.

Grab yours now and let the hauntingly fashionable vibes roll!

Dive into the darkness with us! From bewitching attire to spooky homeware, we've got your Halloween aesthetic on lock. Discover our latest drop of sinister chic pieces and let your dark side shine! Hurry, these hauntingly stylish items are flying off the shelves.

All your creepy Halloween vibe must-haves are here at Fantasmagoria.

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