Modern ghost stories and late-nite dates;  Wasteland Witch collection will make you swoon all the way to the moon!

alternative witch clothing by Killstar

Perfect for playdates, festivals, late-night clubs or simply a day out the crypt!

gothic black dresses with mesh details
dark style clothes for gothy witch

Look good enough to make mortals take notice!

laced modern look black mini dress very stretchy by Killstar
black dark outfits on alternative models

The stunning dresses and tops will tick all your boxes - constructed of super stretch fabric for a flattering fit!

gothic black dress with lace and cut outs
alternative witch outfits with flare pants laces and studs

Float into the realm of your wildest dreams - Wasteland Witch Collection will have you feeling entirely ethereal!

dark gothic flowy outfits with vegan leather and mini dresses
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